[Insight-users] Segmentation of Breast Images (Images availableonly without contast agent)

Julien Jomier jjomier at cs.unc.edu
Tue Sep 7 13:23:58 EDT 2004

Hi Neha,

This is a known issue with ITK 1.6 amd VTK 4.2 due to duplicate symbols.
Can you use ITK 1.8 and InsightApplications 1.8 instead?
Your CMake options are good.

Let us know if you still have this issue with the 1.8 version,


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I am trying to compile ITK 1.6 applications.  I downloaded VTK 4.2
Soucecode, compiled it using USE_HYBRID_OPTION - ON and ANSI_STD_LIB - ON,

After that, trying to compile ITK 1.6 applications with USE_VTK - on gave me
attached error messages.  (USE_VTK_RENDERING and USE_PATENTED_CLASS - ON
Do I need to set these 2 options OFF? Any suggestions?


Luis Ibanez <luis.ibanez at kitware.com> wrote:

HI Neha,

You can find Breat images at


you can create an account for free and
download real datasets.

Look for the title "Shared Cases" and
click in "Breast".


You may want try the advanced Mathematical Morphology
methods such as: FillHole and GrindPeak.


Taking an input imag, applying one of these filter and
then subtracting from the original may enhance spiculations
and calcificaitions. You will have to fine tune the structuring
element for matching the relative size of calcifications in your



neha k wrote:

> Hello All,
> I am working on Breast Image Segmention for deleneating lesions, ducts 
> and fat tissues. Problem is that I don't have Breast Images with 
> contrast agent used. Hence I can't have pre and post contrast agent 
> to subtract them and locate tumour etc. What will be the best way to 
> segment such breast images (in RAW format). I am currently trying to 
> use Watershed segmentation and not getting any good results with it. 
> It causes lot of oversegmentation. I have not used Level Set Seg. 
> method yet.
> Any input is appreciated. 
> Thanks,
> Neha

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