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Luis Ibanez luis.ibanez at kitware.com
Wed Jun 23 13:50:02 EDT 2004

Hi Kalphathi,

ITK doesn't have the built-in notion of transfer functions.

This is mostly a visualization concept. You could however easily
implement such functionalities by using the itk::UnaryFunctorFilter
in the case of the pure intensity color mapping, and by using the
itk::BinaryFunctionImageFilter for the combined intensity & gradient
color mapping.

You may find interesting to look at the use of this filter in the
WatershedSegmentation1.cxx example in


You could also combine a set of RecursiveGradientImageFilter
in order to feed a multi-input functor image filter.

ImageAdaptors are also a good option for implementing transfer
fuctions, in particular if you are concerned about memory consumption.

For a discussion on the use of ImageAdaptors, you may want to look
at the SoftwareGuide


Chapter 12, pdf-page 521.



Kalpathi R Subramanian wrote:

> Folks:
> Beyond just linear color mapping of data values, are there any other
> transfer function
> capability in VTK or ITK?  In particular, are there any implementations
> of Kindleman's multi-dimensional transfer functions (using directional
> derivatives)?
> Thanks.
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