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yingli fan yf34 at drexel.edu
Wed Jun 9 11:59:35 EDT 2004

Hi Gavin

Thank you, I use the program  example/IO/ImageReadWrite.cxx the image file I
use is the png file and it is BrainProtonDesitySlice.png I found In the
example folder.  

I just run 

./ImageReadWrite BrainProtonDesitySlice.png 1.png

I did not change anything in the program.

On 6/9/04 11:49, "Gavin Baker" <gavinb+xtk at cs.mu.OZ.AU> wrote:

> Hello Yingli,
> On Wed, Jun 09, 2004 at 11:14:32AM -0400, yingli fan wrote:
>> > I try to use the example/IO?ImageReadWrite.cxx , for my understanding , the
>> > output image should be exactly  same with the input image,
>> > 
>> > But the result what I got the output image is a empty image , empty means
>> > black image, nothing.
> The image contents will be the same, as it connects the writer directly to
> the reader.  However you can use this program to convert between file
> formats, simply by giving a different file extension as the second argument.
> First, what type of file did you read, and what format did you save it in?
> Second, which program are you using to view the result?
> It quite possible that you are trying to display a 16-bit data file, where
> the data all lives in the lower end of the spectrum.  Many graphics programs
> will not rescale the intensity, so the image may appear black even though
> there is non-zero data.
> The ImageViewer application (in InsightApplications) can view all supported
> formats properly, including handling anisotropic data.
>   :: Gavin
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