[Insight-users] Building Insight Applications

Luis Ibanez luis.ibanez at kitware.com
Tue Jul 27 22:34:30 EDT 2004

Hi Huss,

Your messaage is not clear.

1) First you say that you configured and build InsightApplications-1.6.0,

2) Then you say that you are confused about how to build
     MultiResMIregistration  under InsightApplications-1.6.0.

If you already build InsightApplications-1.6.0, then the application
MulitResMIregistration should have been build as part of the build
of the entire package.

It seems that you are making the common mistake of trying to configure
an individual application.  Don't do that, you must configure the
applications from the top directory InsightApplications.

Then, if you want to build only one of the applications, you go in the
specific subdirectory of that application and type make (if you are
in Unix).  If you are in Windows, you load the generic .dsw and
select which project to build from inside the visual studio IDE.

You run this application in the command line, like

    ./MultiResMIRegistration    BrainWebT1toT2b.txt

These applications do  not have GUIs you cannot run them
by double-clickin on their icons.


Huss wrote:

>Hello Insight Users,
>I was able to successfully configure and buiId the
>InsightApplications-1.6.0. But I am confused as to how  to build
>MultiResMIregisteration under InsightApplications-1.6.0.
>If I have to configure it what should be my source and binary directory. 
>Also, I went over the READ Me file in source code directory and i made
>the parameter file which has to be passed as an argument. I am also
>confused as to where do I specify which file has to be passed in?
>Thanks for your help
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