[Insight-users] RE: Any plans for including Chamfer Matching for Registration ?

Li, George (NIH/NCI) ligeorge at mail.nih.gov
Tue Dec 28 11:24:55 EST 2004


I am pretty much tight up with many other things.
So, I can only wish that you have a plan to put it
into ITK. I will try NarrowBandToImageRegistration 
and see how well it works.

Happy New Year!


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Subject: Any plans for including Chamfer Matching for Registration ?

Hi George,

We don't have any plans for including Chamfer Matching
as a metric for registration.  The closest thing available
in ITK is the NarrowBandToImageRegistration method
described in the following paper


This method generates a cloud of points in a narrow band
around the edges of an anatomical object, and then proceeds
to register the cloud of points to another image.

If you are motivated to implement the Chamfer Matching
as a registration technique, we will be more than happy
to assist you in the process and to help you get that
method into the toolkit.

Please let us know.



Li, George (NIH/NCI) wrote:

> Luis:
> Is there any plan to include an early registration
> method called chamfer matching into ITK? Mutual
> information sometimes posts reliability issue on
> the registration, especially for those images that
> have some anatomical changes, such as surgical
> removal of tumor and thereafter patient weight loss.
> The chamfer matching, a surface-based registration,
> rather than voxel-based, should be superior in this
> particular case, mostly for CT and MR images from
> brain cancer therapy.
> It was a popular registration method back to ~1993.
> Regards,
> George

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