[Insight-users] RE: Error: jointPDFSum == 0!

Miller, James V (Research) millerjv at crd.ge.com
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Are the images being read in correctly?  After you do a
fixedImageReader->Update(), can you print out the image


(and the same for the moving image) to make sure the images have the proper


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BTW, even if I used the identical dicom image series
for both fixedImage and movingImage, this problem is
still there. In this case, jointPDFSum must equal to
1.0. So, it shouldn't be image data related problem,
unless the data is not read properly or completely.

As a matter of fact, I think jointPDFSum is assigned
by a value that is not initialized, because in VC6++
debug tool, jointPDFSum value is 1.#QNAN00000000000. 

Anyone can help me with this?




Hi, Luis and insight users:

I did a test to combine two examples together and
see how image registration can be applied to 3D
image series. Enclosed please find my code for the
registration of 3D image series.

Basically, I used the ImageRegistration4.cxx as the
major code but replaced the image reading part with corresponding code in

Unfortunately, I got an exception that is related a
zero sum for the jointPDFSum, which supposed to be 1,
inside itkMattesMutualInformationImageToImageMetric::

What could be done wrong here? Is there extra things 
need to be done for the image series, comparing with 
single image file?

Thanks a lot.


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