[Insight-users] ITK/Python Compile error

Derek W. Cool coold at email.unc.edu
Tue Dec 7 14:11:46 EST 2004

Hi everyone,

I've been trying to compile today's CVS version of ITK with python 
wrapping on WinXP using VC6.0 and am getting the following error near 
the end of the build:

Warning itk::VoronoiSegmentationImageFilter<itk::Image<unsigned char, 
2>,itk::Image<unsigned char, 2>,itk::Image<unsigned char, 2> >
has a class hierarchy that has wrapping gaps.
The class hierarchy wrapping is as follows:
Not wrapped: 
char,2)>,itk::Image<(unsigned char,2)>,itk::Image<(unsigned char,2)>)>
    Wrapped: itk::ImageToImageFilter<(itk::Image<(unsigned 
char,2)>,itk::Image<(unsigned char,2)>)>
    Wrapped: itk::ImageSource<(itk::Image<(unsigned char,2)>)>
    Wrapped: itk::ProcessObject
    Wrapped: itk::Object
    Wrapped: itk::LightObject
Error executing c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe.

On the dashboard the "zion.kitware, Linux-g++-3.3-Python", I see the 
warning and everything up to the error value, but I don't see the 
warnings shown on the "terminus.kitware Windows-devenv-Python".  Has 
anyone run into this problem OR successfully build python wrapping using 
VC6.0 on WinXP?

Any help is appreciated.


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