[IGSTK-Users] the book: 2.1.3 Caveat: Versions - which do i use for latest in cvs?

Andinet Enquobahrie andinet.enqu at kitware.com
Sat Jul 12 08:53:41 EDT 2008

HI Ray

> i want to build the latest from cvs (on windoze and linux). should i use
> the latest versions of itk, vtk, etc. or what?

As indicated  in the Wiki, use the following versions.

   - ITK 3.4 or later
   - VTK 5.0
   - FLTK 1.1  ( tar file is posted in the Wiki )
   - Qt 4.0 or later
   - CMake 2.4 or later

is there a version of the book for igstk 3.x?

Not yet... We will be updating it in the near future..

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