[IGSTK-Users] Installing IGSTK 2.0.1 on windows (and linux)

Andinet Enquobahrie andinet.enqu at kitware.com
Wed Jun 13 15:33:16 EDT 2007

Hi Yair,

I have reconfigured the install targets in the CVS version. Please 
update your CVS check out
and try it out.

Let me know if you encounter any problems.


>Is there a way to properly install IGSTK using cmake?  
>What I mean is to place the library(s), header files, and cmake files
>(UseIGSTK.cmake, IGSTKConfig.cmake, etc.) somewhere under a directory tree
>(lets call it CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX) and then just set IGSTK_DIR to it to
>compile applications against it. Where after installation, I can delete the
>source and the build directories (assuming the installation isn't under them).
>The cmake does produce an install target (for both linux and windows) but it
>doesn't seems to work properly. i.e. it installs the cmake files under an
>InsightToolkit directory, the library remains in the build directory, and the
>header files in the source directory.
>    Yair.
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