[IGSTK-Developers] IGSTK Tcon at 1pm Today

Kevin Cleary cleary at georgetown.edu
Thu Jan 12 10:53:56 EST 2006

Hi everyone:


I put some information about the SPIE demo on the Wiki page at the bottom of
the agenda


It is also pasted below my signature and we can discuss this at the end of
the tcon


Please let me or Rick know if you can't make the tcon today






Kevin Cleary, Ph.D.                        Work phone: 202-687-8253
Associate Professor                        Work fax: 202-784-3479
Deputy Director  
Imaging Science and Information Systems (ISIS) Center
Department of Radiology                    Pager: 202-901-2033
Georgetown University Medical Center       Cell phone: 202-294-3409
2115 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 603           Home phone: 301-299-0788
Washington, DC, 20007                      Home fax: 301-299-0789


ISIS center:  <http://www.isis.georgetown.edu/> www.isis.georgetown.edu
Research group:  <http://www.caimr.georgetown.edu/> www.caimr.georgetown.edu
WashCAS:  <http://www.washcas.org/> www.washcas.org
Email:  <mailto:cleary at georgetown.edu> cleary at georgetown.edu

SPIE Demo: Kevin Cleary 

*	Demo will be Sunday Feb 12 from 830 to 1030 pm 
*	Reserved gazebo by pool 
*	Finger sandwiches and cash bar 
*	Need to bring: projector, screen, tracker, phantom, laptop 
*	Plan to have Kevin, Luis and Patrick present (others?) 
*	Will be informal 
*	Will announce at open source workshop that evening 
*	Will invite key collaborators: Ivo Wolf, etc. 
*	Would like to have parts of books to present 
*	(should we discuss Andinet's email re book sections?) 



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The IGSTK tcon is set for 1pm today. Here is a link to the Agenda&Status
wiki page:




            Please update your status.


Thanks - Rick


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