[Geojs-users] screenshotting minerva from a browser

Michael Grauer michael.grauer at kitware.com
Mon Jul 11 21:09:23 EDT 2016

Hi GeoJs-ers and others,

For the Gumbo project it seems our partners want the ability to screenshot
the contents of the current Minerva IFrame from the browser, and then
export that screenshot via JS.
They pointed me to this library which builds up a screenshot from the DOM,
but it didn't seem to work for any webgl example pages I threw at it (with
admittedly very little time put in).


Has anyone run across this or have any ideas here, such as for an approach
or to say that this will never work?

My thought is that we could use this library to screenshot the DOM and
export the webgl canvas to an image that was somehow included in that DOM
or screenshot in the place of the canvas, but clearly it isn't well thought
out or empirically tested.

Thanks for your help or suggestions,
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