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Aashish Chaudhary aashish.chaudhary at kitware.com
Tue Jan 12 23:25:22 EST 2016

Awesome! We should highlight this somewhere in the documentation (I thought
we did). I will double check and update the document. Thanks for the

- Aashish

On Tue, Jan 12, 2016 at 11:07 PM, Olsen.Erik <Olsen.Erik at ensco.com> wrote:

> Aashish,
> You were right, I was missing that meta tag in my header in my test
> example. I just put it in and it worked. Thanks so much for the quick
> diagnosis.
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> Hi Erik,
> What was the error you ran into with the first approach? I am wondering if
> you are running into utf-8 encoding issue since geojs.ext.min.js includes
> d3.js as well. Did you have
> <meta charset="UTF-8">
> in your <head> tag?
> - Aashish
> On Tue, Jan 12, 2016 at 9:15 PM, Olsen.Erik <Olsen.Erik at ensco.com<mailto:
> Olsen.Erik at ensco.com>> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Has anyone had any experience using GeoJS via installing it via NPM? I've
> been trying to import my copy I downloaded via NPM into my application
> ucing CommonJS to import external sources and have been running into an
> error saying that "package geojs could not be found". I found a link to
> TonicDev on the GeoJS page that doesn't seem to import GeoJS properly
> either(https://tonicdev.com/npm/geojs<
> https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__tonicdev.com_npm_geojs&d=CwMFaQ&c=DsZY2bea7iNIzyp-7sZ0t0F2UfNQZUfZhEPCv_2wBI0&r=sdAMZxqAoPTtVpp0WTsUGE05dS9lBt3NjsK7CxSH_Bc&m=PFT9J2sUa0t1CxuurBuftQiapzV3mkkArg3tdApo2FE&s=XYRB5cYPgwmCMdzzzan45WCrgvNwgbhX_V28UjVmfM4&e=>).
> I was wondering why that is if anyone happens to know, in case my case and
> this case are making the same wrong assumptions.
> So since the above method of importing GeoJS failed, I tried to import
> GeoJS by importing it via the instructions here:
> http://geojs.readthedocs.org/en/latest/quickstart.html<
> https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__geojs.readthedocs.org_en_latest_quickstart.html&d=CwMFaQ&c=DsZY2bea7iNIzyp-7sZ0t0F2UfNQZUfZhEPCv_2wBI0&r=sdAMZxqAoPTtVpp0WTsUGE05dS9lBt3NjsK7CxSH_Bc&m=PFT9J2sUa0t1CxuurBuftQiapzV3mkkArg3tdApo2FE&s=gP12rxLcZfZwcO45xxhbweDhRJDyE077gMORQ7Xc8lE&e=
> >
> I noticed that when I tried to run my 'mymap.html' file via the browser,
> there seems to be an error in the geo.ext.min.js file that causes it not to
> load. However, when I serve up my html file(and the two Javascript files)
> via the GeoJS configuration of the Grunt Server, there is not an issue in
> this file and it seems to work flawlessly. Is there something in the Grunt
> Server Configuration that I should have in my development environment when
> using GeoJS?
> Thanks,
> Erik
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