[Geojs-users] Programatically creating annotations

Dan LaManna dan.lamanna at kitware.com
Fri Dec 9 15:27:16 EST 2016

Hi all -

For background, in geonotebook we're "replaying" server side state to the
client (in the event of a refresh, for example). We have our own
definitions of annotations (in Python) which contain the necessary data
(coordinates, style information, etc) to create annotations within GeoJS.

After taking a brief look at the GeoJS annotation code, it seems closely
tied to the user interaction aspect of creating annotations. What we're
looking for is a simple way to create an annotation (point, rectangle,
polygon) from Javascript without any user interaction. Is there a
straightforward API for this that I'm missing?

Thanks GeoJSers!

Dan LaManna
Kitware, Inc.
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