[Ctk-developers] ctkSliderWidget, ctkDoubleSlider and ctkDoubleSpinBox invertedControls property

Miklos Espak espakm at gmail.com
Fri May 17 02:52:18 EDT 2013

Hi Jc,

no, it has not.

I tried to rebase the fix onto the upstream/master, but there are conflicts
that I cannot resolve.

For my fix, I introduced a new ctkDoubleSpinBox class that derives from
QDoubleSpinBox and adds the invertedControls property. I changed the
ctkSliderWidget to use this ctkDoubleSpinBox instead of QDoubleSpinBox.

In the meantime, a new ctkSpinBox class has appeared in CTK, that derives
from QWidget, and delegates its calls to an internal QDoubleSpinBox. The
ctkSliderWidget has been changed to use this ctkSpinBox instead of
QDoubleSpinBox. It is not clear to me what is the rationale for this
change, and why it could not be done by inheritance.

Anyway, there is no straightforward way to apply my fix on this new code.

Another problem is that I cannot build the CTK master, because of the DCMTK
issue. The bug breaks the build, and so, I cannot test any change that is
applied on the master. It would be important to be able to build CTK with
the official DCMTK.

The last version of the "inverted" properties feature is here:


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