[ITK] [ITK-users] [ANN] ITK 4.10.0 has been released!

Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin jchris.fillionr at kitware.com
Fri Jun 3 09:52:10 EDT 2016

The Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit (ITK), is an open-source,
cross-platform library for multidimensional image analysis. On behalf of
the Insight Toolkit community, we are proud to announce that ITK 4.10.0 has
been released!

Links to the Sourceforge.net tarballs can be found on the download page:


[image: TwoProjectionRegistrationDiagram.png]

Insight Journal article included as a Remote Module:
TwoProjectionRegistration <http://hdl.handle.net/10380/3245>. Digitally
reconstructed radiographs (DRR) generated as part of the registration are
shown above.



1. Introduction

2. New Features

3. ITK Changelog

4. ITK Sphinx Examples Changelog

5. ITK Software Guide Changelog



Developed by an international community, ITK collects best-of-breed
algorithms for registering, segmenting, analyzing, and quantifying
n-dimensional imaging data. The high-quality library facilitates
reproducible research, provides a software resource for teaching image
analysis, and offersis a platform for commercial product development.

A few selected highlights for the 4.10 release include the following:


   New Remote module: TwoProjectionRegistration performs simultaneous
   registration of two projection images to a 3D image volume, which is useful
   for external beam radiotherapy and other applications. It uses Powell’s
   method for optimization and the Siddon-Jacobs fast ray-tracing algorithm.

   First update to internal VNL in five years. Many improvements were made
   to upstream VNL. We now push patches upstream and stay in sync via a Git
   subtree workflow.

   Windows builds now support processing 4GB+ images by default

   GDCM updated for better DICOM support

Congratulations to the 26 contributors to this release. We would especially
like to recognize the new contributors: Andrey Fedorov, Sujin Philip,
Francois Budin, and b'Alvaro Sanchez.

Improved documentation in this release includes new examples on how to
convert between ITK and VTK image data structures
Additionally, a new example demonstrates how to perform vector image
registration with a mean-squares matching metric
The ITK Software Guide added documentation on how to add third party
dependencies when creating an ITK module.

This release also brings exciting rapid prototyping improvements to the ITK
Python wrapping. Type specification is no longer necessary during the
creation of most filters. The required type is inferred from a primary
input passed on filter creation. For example, instead of the explicit type

 median = itk.MedianImageFilter[ImageType, ImageType].New()


It is now possible to call:

 median = itk.MedianImageFilter.New(Input=reader.GetOutput())

Or, the shortened:

 median = itk.MedianImageFilter.New(reader.GetOutput())


 median = itk.MedianImageFliter.New(reader)

An itk.ImageFileReader can be created by specifying the FileName during

 reader = itk.ImageFileReader.New(FileName=’inputFile.mha’)

Enjoy ITK!

New Features


* Wrapping improvements


   ITK_USE_64BITS_IDS supported on Windows

   Faster builds (CastXML calls and build targets reduced by half)

   Faster runtime loading and smaller binary size due to hidden symbol

   Wrapping with BUILD_SHARED_LIBS disabled is supported

   Do not link to libpython when possible

   Filter types do not need to be specified when “Input=inputImage” is
   specified in the constructor

   Improved wrapping class coverage

   Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 Supported

   GCC 6.1 supported

* New Remote Module



      2D-3D registration designed for radiotherapy


* Core Improvements


   Data and build tool downloads now over HTTPS

   Extended constexpr usage with ITK_CONSTEXPR and ITKCONSTEXPR_FUNC macros

   ITK_USE_64BITS_IDS, required to process 4GB+ images on Windows, now
   enabled by default

   VNL updated and modernized

      CMake configuration major modernization

      vcl has been removed in favor of the standard libraries

      vnl_math_ function avoided in favor of std:: and itk::Math

      VNL had suppressed integer data conversion warnings on Visual Studio
      (C4257); this suppression has been removed and all warnings addressed

   Various improvements for building a module externally against an ITK
   build tree

   CMAKE_POSITION_INDEPENDENT_CODE is enabled by default

   Improved EXERCISE_BASIC_OBJECT_METHODS testing macro

* Filtering Improvements


   RGB pixel support added to itk::ImageToVTKImageFilter

   itk::Box* filters moved out of the Review module

   itk::GaussianDerivativeOperator moved out of the Review module

   MaskLabel is deprecated in N4BiasFieldCorrectionFilter in favor any
   non-zero pixel

* Registration Improvements


   Fixed and moving masks added to the v4 registration methods

* Documentation Improvements


   Updates to the Software Guide, Doxygen, Wiki and Sphinx Examples

   New examples on to convert between ITK and VTK

   New example on how to perform vector image registration

   The ITK Software Guide describes how to add a third-party dependency to
   a module

* Third Party Library Updates


   pygccxml updated to v1.7.3

   GDCM updated to the release branch latest

   VNL updated to latest upstream

   MINC updated to the latest upstream

   SWIG updated to v3.0.8

   PCRE update to v8.38

* Improved code coverage -- we are at 85.0%!

* *Lots* of important bug fixes

* And much more! See details in the log below.

Changes from v4.10rc02..v4.10.0


Bradley Lowekamp (3):
     COMP: Address uninitialized warning of size
     COMP: Devirtualize private methods to prevent instantiation
     COMP: Use well defined ZeroValue for unused initial value.

Hans Johnson (1):
     BUG: try_compile needs to have CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD passed

Hyun Jae Kang (1):
     COMP: Fix unexpected data-cast results of itkCastImageFilter

Jon Haitz Legarreta (1):
     BUG: Fix OpenCV-2.4.9 camera empty image issue.

Matthew McCormick (13):
     COMP: Bump CastXML for GCC 6.1 support.
     STYLE: Improvements to HardConnectedComponentsImageFilter.
     ENH: Add baseline for itkHardConnectedComponentImageFilterTest.
     STYLE: Improvements for itkHardConnectedComponentImageFilterTest
     COMP: HardConnectedComponentImageFilter autological constant out of
     DOC: Sphinx examples update to 2016-05-22.
     DOC: Wiki examples update to 2016-05-22.
     COMP: MSVC result of 32-bit shift implicitly converted to 64 bits
     BUG: Disable building the netlib example.
     ENH: Add FloatAddULP
     BUG: Decrement index in BSplineTransform by ULPs.
     BUG: Adjust index decrement in BSplineTransform
     BUG: Remove VNL README left over from subtree merge.

Sumedha Singla (1):
     ENH: WhatModulesITK was not finding modules on Windows

Changes from v4.10rc01..v4.10rc02


Davis Vigneault (1):
     BUG: Improve error checking and testing for ConnectedRegionsMesh

Hyun Jae Kang (2):
     BUG: Address the issue of "Missing Delete" within SwapZeroCornerToIRP.
     COMP: Fixed Mac OSX wrapping configuration warning

Matthew McCormick (6):
     BUG: The ImageFileReader internal pipeline methods should be protected.
     BUG: Use new VNL include directory variables.
     COMP: Add missing NeighborhoodAccessor methods to PhasedArray3D image.
     BUG: Adjust itk.org ExternalData URL.
     COMP: Do not use target_include_directories with CMake
     BUG: Address missing shared_ptr for VS9

Changes from v4.9.0..v4.10rc01


Alvaro Sanchez (1):
     STYLE: moved itkKappaSigmaThresholdImageFilter/Calculator from

Andrey Fedorov (2):
     BUG: Add missing itk_expat_mangle.h install target
     BUG: fix typo in file name

Bill Hoffman (2):
     COMP: fix shared build on Windows when Review is on.
     COMP: work around for VS 2015 optimizer bug causing test failures.

Bill Lorensen (6):
     ENH: Bump version for style fixups.
     ENH: Bump wiki examples version, new remote module process
     ENH: Bump wiki examples version, new remote module process
     STYLE: SuperClass should be Superclass
     COMP: Resolve clang linkage issue
     BUG: Valgrind detected an invalid read

Bradley Lowekamp (21):
     BUG: Compilation problem with GCC 4.1 and explicit instantiation
     ENH: Update Insight Journal handle links to https
     ENH: Adding const qualifier to results
     BUG: Adding missing const qualifier for GetConfusionMatrix method
     BUG: Use Set/GetMacros, fix const correctness and PrintSelf.
     ENH: added inlined Zero and one values for integer NumericTraits
     ENH: Use constexpr for floating point NumericTraits
     ENH: Make NumericTraits functions constexpr for intrinsic
     BUG: Add definition of static constexpr NumericTrait members
     BUG: Declared static constexpr members need to be defined as constexpr
     ENH: ITK_CONSTEXPR_FUNC implies inline
     BUG: Addressing VS10 and VS11 NumericTraits linkage issue
     BUG: Use LargestPossible region for BSpline domain
     BUG: Remove errant file
     COMP: Address warning about this usage in initializer list
     ENH: Prefer ZeroValue function over variable
     STYLE: Use consistent path for try_compiles binary directory
     BUG: Don't use "=" in cmake variable name
     ENH: Test address of NumericTraits One and Zero constexpr
     ENH: Use ITK_USE_64BITS_IDS for windows 64 by default
     ENH: Enable run-time dependency on Python library

Davis Vigneault (4):
     ENH: Update itkFileTools to allow std::string arguments.
     ENH: Add Floored and Truncated Modulus to VNL
     ENH: Add Ternary Operator Image Filter
     STYLE: Prefer static cast

Dženan Zukić (1):
     ENH: CovariantVector's Normalize returns the norm.

Francois Budin (6):
     PERF: Simplify itkTemplate New() input type identification.
     ENH: Avoid template type specification for image reader in Python
     BUG: Missing IOPixelType strings in ImageIOBase
     BUG: Wrapping intermediate files were not automatically updated
     ENH: Reduce number of dependencies for XML files generated for wrapping
     BUG: GCC is limited when calling overloaded base class functions

GCC-XML Upstream (1):
     ENH: pygccxml v1.7.3 (reduced)

GDCM Upstream (1):
     GDCM 2015-09-02 (1efe9e28)

Hans Johnson (27):
     COMP: Static analysis warning
     COMP: Incorrect delete found by static analysis
     PERF:  Avoid temporary std:vector copying.
     COMP: Provide VXL backward compatible includes
     COMP: ITK requires legacy methods
     ENH: Added UpdateFromUpstream.sh for VNL
     ENH: Manual copy from vxl/master
     STYLE: vnl_math_[min|max] -> std::[min|max]
     STYLE: Text files should end with a newline
     COMP: Prefer C++11 constexpr when possible
     COMP: Prefer C++11 constexpr when possible
     ENH: Simplify std:: math function definitions
     COMP: Error in constexpr usage
     COMP: Add const to previous const variables
     COMP: SizeValueType can has different definition for itkArray
     ENH: Added utility for modernizing vcl_ to std::
     ENH: Reference vnl_math.h constants directly
     ENH: Avoid using vnl_math_ functions
     COMP: Missing symbol for itkStaticConstMacro
     COMP: Function override missing in BioCell
     ENH: Convert vcl_ to std::
     BUG: Windows vcl_snprintf failures addressed
     COMP: Disabmiguate function calls to SetData
     ENH: Provided static code API for external applications
     COMP: Remove possible type conversion warnings
     ENH: Merge GDCM release branch

Hyun Jae Kang (25):
     COMP: Fixed the compiler error of ITKCommon2TestDriver on OSX 10.6
     BUG: Fixed the runtime crash of VideoSourceTest on OSX 10.6
     BUG: Fixed the runtime crash of itkTimeProbeTest2
     BUG: Fixed the runtime crash of ITKFastMarchingTestDriver's tests on
OSX 10.6
     BUG: Fixed the runtime crash of ITKReviewTestDriver on OSX 10.6
     COMP: Fixed the data conversion warning messages of itkResourceProbe
     BUG: Fixed the runtime crash of itkLabelOverlapMeasuresImageFilterTest
     BUG: Fixed the runtime crash of ITKStatisticsTestDriver tests on OSX
     BUG: Fixed the runtime crash of itkMRIBiasFieldCorrectionFilterTest
     BUG: Fixed the runtime crash of itkBinaryShapeOpeningImageFilterTest1
     BUG: Fixed the runtime crash of vnl_test_complex on OSX 10.6
     BUG: Fixed the runtime crash of vnl_test_numeric_traits
     BUG: Fixed the runtime crash of test_pow_log on OSX 10.6
     BUG: Exclude a test code of ITKLabelMapTestDriver on OSX 10.6
     BUG: Fixed the failed test case of itkSTLThreadTest on OS X 10.8
     COMP: Update KWStyle to utilize the latest boost library
     COMP: Fixed the compiler error of ITK on Mingw-w64
     COMP: Temporarily suppress the warning messages of data-conversion on
     COMP: Put back the disappeared option of "BUILD EXAMPLES".
     BUG: Fix segmentation faults on mingw-W64 x86_64.
     BUG: Fix the failed test of itkCastImageFilterTest on mingw-w64
     COMP: Fixed the cmake configuration for ITK_WRAP_DOC
     COMP: Fixed the warning messages on VS14.
     COMP: Add a missing head file at itkNumericTraitsStdVector.h
     COMP: Fix the wraning message of data-conversion

Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin (4):
     COMP: ITKExternalModule: Support building module without test
     STYLE: Facilitate maintenance of CastXML generator refactoring
     COMP: Allow use of multiple "ITK external modules" in the same project.
     STYLE: UseITK: Document static registration of ITK IO factories. See

Jon Haitz Legarreta (7):
     COMP: Delete unused variable compiler warning.
     ENH: Refactored itkBioCellTest
     ENH: Exercise non-tested itk::Math methods.
     ENH: Improve MersenneTwister class and test.
     ENH: Improve itkFEMLoadPoint coverage.
     ENH: Improve itkVersion class code coverage.
     ENH: Perform class name checks in test macro

KWSys Robot (1):
     KWSys 2016-03-09 (36d8666f)

Lucas Gandel (9):
     ENH: Implement GetNumberOfParameter() in ImageToSpatialObjectMetric
     COMP: Enable wrapping of multiple "ITK external modules" in the same
     COMP: Fix CASTXML_EXECUTABLE value for multiple external module
     COMP: Fix external module testing
     COMP: Fix git protocol setup
     ENH: Conditionally add testing for External Modules
     BUG: Fix call to std::max() with different variable types

Manuel Grizonnet (1):
     COMP: add ITKCommon_EXPORT to fix link issues with external

Matthew McCormick (73):
     ENH: Add TwoProjectionRegistration Remote Module.
     ENH: Allow ITKVideoBridgeOpenCV to be built externally.
     COMP: Add export specification for itk::ResourceProbe.
     ENH: Do not force shared libraries when wrapping.
     BUG: BUILD_TESTING should be not advanced.
     ENH: Bump ITK version to 4.10.0.
     DOC: Correct ITKImageNoise description spelling.
     ENH: Wrap FFTNormalizedCorrelationImageFilter.
     BUG: Remove Azure ExternalData resource.
     BUG: ExternalData downloads from midas3.kitware.com only supports
     BUG: Update ExternalData resource.
     BUG: slicer.kitware.com/midas3/ ExternalData will not support http.
     ENH: Wrap PipelineMonitorImageFilter.
     BUG: Update MIDAS url for https in archive testing data script.
     ENH: Wrap std::vector< itk::ImageRegion >.
     BUG: Fix wrapping build with DEFAULT_MODULES OFF.
     ENH: Add RGB pixel support to ImageToVTKImageFilter.
     ENH: Add RGB and vector pixel type wrapping for ImageToVTKImageFilter.
     STYLE: Use PixelType and ImageType in Python tests.
     ENH: Avoid template type specification in Python wrapping.
     COMP: Do not use has_key in itkTemplate New.
     DOC: Emphasize that push access is not required to contribute patches.
     ENH: Download SWIG and PCRE from midas3.kitware.com.
     COMP: Ignore build warning from KWStyle's boost.
     BUG: Remove Azure ExternalData resource.
     BUG: ExternalData downloads from midas3.kitware.com only supports
     BUG: slicer.kitware.com/midas3/ ExternalData will not support http.
     ENH: Update the VNL README-ITK.txt subtree commit revision.
     BUG: Mark VXL internal CMake variables as advanced.
     BUG: Run itk_module_target on itknetlib.
     DOC: Direct patches for VXL upstream to the GitHub repository.
     BUG: Run itk_module_target on itknetlib.
     COMP: Account for removal of vcl_* from upstream VXL.
     COMP: Remove itkTypeMacro from BioCellHelper.
     COMP: Convert itkBioCellTest arguments from double to int.
     BUG: Install VXL config files to backwards-compatible locations.
     ENH: Remove vcl_complex from the wrapping.
     BUG: Install vnl_export.h and vnl_algo_export.h to previous locations.
     BUG: midas3.kitware.com only supports the https protocol.
     BUG: ImageIOBase SetDimensions should take SizeValueType.
     ENH: Add wrapping for ImagePCAShapeModelEstimator.
     COMP: Do not specify COMPONENTS with find_package(VTK.
     DOC: Fix FFTW warning grammar.
     COMP: Build against system HDF5 1.8.16.
     ENH: Set a default CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE when building a module externally
     COMP: Make initial HDF5 discovery of 1.8.16 quiet.
     ENH: Use hidden symbol visibility for the CPython extension modules.
     BUG: FEMLoadPoint uninitialized value in the constructor.
     BUG: Fix wrapping of complex types in VNL.
     ENH: Bump CMakeLists.txt version 4.9.1.
     COMP: Address ITKCommon Python submodule order.
     BUG: Extend ExternalData_TIMEOUT_ABSOLUTE to 900 seconds.
     BUG: Do not run KWStyle Git config on a release tarball.
     COMP: Ambiguous RGBPixel access in CustomColormapFunction.
     BUG: Prevent division by zero in PhasedArray3DSpecialCoordinatesImage.
     BUG: Initialize azimuth and elevation to pi/2 in PhasedArray3D.
     BUG: Increase MaskLabel backwards compatibility in N4 bias correction.
     ENH: Deprecate MaskLabel in N4BiasFieldCorrectionImageFilter.
     COMP: Update CastXML to support Visual Studio 2015 Update 2.
     COMP: Do not set wrapping library visibility with static builds.
     COMP: Update CastXML to support Visual Studio 2015 Update 2.
     COMP: Broaden the KWStyle warning exception.
     COMP: Update KWStyle version.
     BUG: Do not use the same output file in N4BiasField Test 2,3.
     COMP: Expand EXERCISE_BASIC_OBJECT_METHODS for other GCC versions.
     ENH: Update Cuberille Remote to 2015-05-01.
     ENH: Enable registration of the IOOpenSlide module through CMake.
     ENH: Update itk.org URL's for HTTPS support.
     BUG: Use CastXML built against LLVM with LLVM_ENABLE_TERMINFO OFF.
     BUG: Fix Python wrapping on Windows when ITK_USE_64BIT_IDS is ON.

Michka Popoff (12):
     ENH: Use importlib for python 3.4 instead of imp
     ENH: Update to Swig 3.0.8
     ENH: Update PCRE to version 8.38
     ENH: Wrap RayCastInterpolateImageFunction
     ENH: Wrap RayCastInterpolateImageFunction
     COMP: Remove debug output after vcl_complex removal from wrapping
     ENH: Consolidate .idx file generation with swig .i generation.
     ENH: Update UpdatepygccxmlFromUpstream.sh script
     COMP: Set CastXML path and name for pygccxml 1.7.3
     COMP: Fix RayCastInterpolateImageFunction wrapping for image dim 2
     ENH: Use argparse instead of optparse in igenerator.py
     ENH: Use https URL for OS X castxml binary (for consistency)

Nick Tustison (2):
     ENH:  Add fixed/moving masking in reg. methods.
     ENH:  Making the mask usage consistent with ITK.

Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan (1):
     COMP: Fix warn in FFTW about delete [].

Sean McBride (18):
     COMP: Made script OS X compatible
     COMP: mark GDCM GetSeriesHelper() method as deprecated
     BUG: update script to fetch GDCM from its release-2-4 branch instead
of master
     DOC: Updated comment to reflect new GDCM version
     COMP: Fixed recently introduced build error with deprecated GDCM method
     BUG: Fixed invalid memory access found by ASan
     COMP: Fixed clang warning about macro expansion giving defined
     COMP: Fixed minor dashboards warnings and typos.
     COMP: Fixed a bunch of clang -Wunreachable-code-break warnings
     COMP: fixed some dashboard warnings (dead code, false positive)
     BUG: Fixed off-by-1 error found by ASan
     COMP: Fixed clang -Wcomma warning
     COMP: Introduce ITK_FALLTHROUGH, to suppress switch fall through
     COMP: Fixed -Wwritable-strings warnings
     COMP: Fixed remaining -Wcomma warnings
     ENH: switch gdcm to release branch, not release-2-4
     COMP: Hack HDF5 to build under ASan & UBSan
     COMP: fixed clang -Wdeprecated-writable-strings warning

Shawn Waldon (1):
     STYLE: move itkGaussianDerivativeOperator

Sujin Philip (1):
     STYLE: Move itkBox* Filters

Sumedha Singla (3):
     ENH: Issue: ITK#3363 Replaced assignment in SetParameters function.
     ENH: Remove unnecessary const_cast
     BUG: Fixed the test itkHDF5ImageIOTest

VXL Maintainers (9):
     VNL 2015-11-22 (ea1d60fb)
     VNL 2016-03-02 (cb31149e)
     VNL 2016-03-13 (ae34f0fc)
     VNL 2016-03-15 (751698ab)
     VNL 2016-03-19 (df10fefa)
     VNL 2016-03-25 (f0040231)
     VNL 2016-03-30 (88f50849)
     VNL 2016-04-22 (0ed18124)
     VNL 2016-04-26 (6b168535)

Vladimir S. FONOV (3):
     MINC 2015-12-17 (dcb93a5f)
     MINC 2016-01-30 (783bca38)
     MINC 2016-02-24 (8632513e)

Ziv Yaniv (1):
     BUG: Interpretation of the Euler angles ZYX or ZXY was not exported.

ITK Sphinx Examples Changelog


Dženan Zukić (1):
     ENH: Default is current directory. Avoid usage of the class

Matt McCormick (19):
     BUG: Do not depend on the VTK/OpenCV build when system provided.
     ENH: Add ConvertAnitkImageTovtkImageData example.
     ENH: Bump VTK's superbuild version to 7.0.0.
     STYLE: CMake style updates to AddOffsetToIndex/CMakeLists.txt
     ENH: Updates to CreateNewExample.py.in
     ENH: Add ConvertvtkImageDataToAnitkImage example.
     ENH: Update sphinx-bootstrap-theme to v0.4.8
     ENH: Add Python version of StreamAPipeline.
     ENH: Add ConvertAnRGBitkImageTovtkImageData
     ENH: Add a PACE progress bar.
     ENH: Add more Python content to CreateNewExample.py.
     ENH: Add ConvertRGBvtkImageDataToAnitkImage
     BUG: Disable Create3DVolume Python baseline test.
     ENH: Add PerformRegistrationOnVectorImages.
     ENH: Update itk.org URL's for HTTPS support.
     COMP: Use itk::IndexValueType for subdomain index.
     COMP: Bump OpenCV to 3.1.0.
     BUG: Fix superbuild dependencies.
     ENH: Bump ITK to v4.10.0.

ITK Software Guide Changelog


Matt McCormick (6):
     DOC: Correct spelling in the wrapping description.
     BUG: ExternalData servers now use https.
     ENH: Update itk.org URL's for HTTPS support.
     DOC: Adding wrapper .dll's to PATH on Windows is no longer necessary.
     DOC: Document how to add a third-party dependency to a module.
     ENH: Bump ITK ExternalProject to v4.10.0
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