[CMake] Shared intermediary files

Kevin Schmidt kevin at eyesopen.com
Mon Feb 20 16:07:22 EST 2012

  I'm in the process of converting over a large, monolithic tree with many libraries from a custom build solution over to cmake.  So far, we've loved it.  I am wondering about others' solutions to a problem we have encountered.

We have more than a few cases of generated source files - for example, Qt moc files.   These all get dumped into CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR.  Now, the libraries we have build both static & shared, and have the same source files.  In Visual Studio, this generates two projects in the solution.  It seems that these do not share dependencies.  Occasionally, this means that both libraries try to write to the generated source file at the same time, which generates a (false) build failure.

What do others do?  Am I misunderstanding something?
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