[CMake] Proper resources placement in Xcode

Daniel Dekkers d.dekkers at cthrough.nl
Thu Sep 29 13:49:17 EDT 2011


I'm targeting Xcode,  I have different apps and a single library the apps depend on.
The resources of the individual apps are added simply by appending them to ADD_EXECUTABLE(... ${RESOURCES}) in the CMakeLists.txt of the individual project.
After this, Xcode is made "aware" of them by setting SET_TARGET_PROPERTIES(${APP_NAME} PROPERTIES RESOURCE "${RESOURCES}").  This is needed so Xcode knows it has to copy them to the bundle (and sometimes compile them first, like with .xib files).

Now my problem is that all the resources of all the apps are inserted in a top level Xcode directory "Recources". And not in the "Resources" directory of the individual apps.
Does anyone know how i could achieve that?

Kind Regards,

Daniel Dekkers

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