[CMake] Xcode resources for different projects in different directories.

Daniel Dekkers d.dekkers at cthrough.nl
Sat Oct 8 10:00:48 EDT 2011


I think I've asked this earlier, but still no solution, so i'll try again.

I'm targeting Xcode (iOS) and would like to have multiple projects (and one library) in a single workspace. In the individual projects, I set...


...to make Xcode aware of the resources (so Xcode will copy them to the bundle before building).

But.. all the resources of all the projects end up in /Resources, a top level Xcode folder, except for the Info.plist, that goes in a /Resources folder in the project itself. This (of course) gives problems because there are different files with the same names (icons) and I don't want all the resources of all the projects in all the bundles.

So, it would be nice of I could let CMake put the resources of an individual project in the /Resources directory of that individual project. But no idea how to do that.

Kind Regards,

Daniel Dekkers

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