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Tue Nov 1 15:57:14 EDT 2011

there is no problem at all if the Bullet libs aren't pre built, yet
BULLET_FOUND is false.

So, it would be nice if "we haven't found everything, but we found this..."
would be communicated from find_package(<package>), or... you could specify
more clearly what you are looking for, so <package>_FOUND is an exact answer
to that specific question. 

I would guess that this sources/binaries distinction actually is quite
common, and it comes in all flavors:
- GLEW, only sources. Don't know if there is a findGLEW.cmake.
- Boost, only sources (header only) or libs (in rare cases). Boost will
return Boost_FOUND true even if the libs are not present (if you didn't
specify via COMPONENTS).
- Bullet, preferably built from sources in your project, but you can also
link to pre built binaries.
- OpenGL, only binaries. Well, ok, an include directory but you never
actually build OpenGL from source yourself.

Again, just a thought, it's not that big of a problem, but it makes your
CMake files a bit less elegant:

MESSAGE( STATUS "Looking for Bullet..." )
	MESSAGE( STATUS "Bullet found" )
		# If the compiled libraries are not found, BULLET_FOUND is
		# this is ok (RT_SOURCE) as long as BULLET_INCLUDE_DIR has
been set.
			MESSAGE( STATUS "Bullet include/src directory found"
			MESSAGE( STATUS "Bullet include/src directory not
found" )


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Am 07.11.2011 12:04, schrieb Daniel Dekkers:
> Just a thought.

Just a thought on your thought.

> We are incorporating 3rd party library Bullet in our own library. 
> This can
> be done on two levels (via an option). Either by sources (which is 
> standard practice with Bullet), or by linking to the built Bullet 
> libraries directly.
> Now find_package(BULLET) (i.e. the findBullet.cmake script) sets 
> BULLET_FOUND to true only if the include directory *and* the libraries 
> are found. But if we only use the sources, we don't need the libs and 
> we ignore the BULLET_FOUND "error" if they don't exist but still use 
> the path to the include directories.
> Wouldn't it be good if you could extend find_package() with some kind 
> of "SOURCE-ONLY" communication or do you think that is the 
> responsibility of the find<package>.cmake writer?

If you are using the sources as internal copy of that library, don't you
also have the include files as internal copy? In this case, it would be
wrong to use the external headers as they might not match your source copy.



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