[CMake] Bug fix requests for the *next* release of CMake...

Jim Peterson jimcp at cox.net
Fri Jul 30 09:23:06 EDT 2010


I am new to this list and vtk, One point I have noticed is that I have 
been unable to correctly generate the Java wrappers for VTK using cmake 
and cmake-gui for the windows hosted jvm. I have opened a bug tracker 
incident http://public.kitware.com/Bug/view.php?id=10969 which is 
currently unassigned. The nature of the problem is the java test 
programs that use the java statement:
fails on my Windows machine with unable to load vtkCommonJava.dll.
the superficial reason for this appears to be that the generated make 
file is creating a dll named libvtkCommonJava.dll. The windows system 
specific behavior when processing the loadLibrary command only appends 
dll, it does not prepend lib to the name specified.
This naming behavior appears to be true for all shared libraries, so 
simply renaming libvtkCommonJava.dll to vtkCommonJava.dll results in a 
failure to load vtkCommon.dll during the vtk Java dll initialization.
I am not completely versed in the specifications for cmake, if there is 
some option that can effect this behavior and correct the shared library 
naming rules I would be happy to use it

Thanks for your patience with me as I learn this tool,
Jim Peterson

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