[CMake] autoheader-like functionality?

Clifford Yapp cliffyapp at gmail.com
Thu Jul 29 18:25:14 EDT 2010

I'm now at the point in writing CMake logic where I need to handle the
config.h.in situation, and either have missed the autoheader
equivalent functionality in CMake or it doesn't exist yet.  Can
anybody point me to the "right" approach to this?  I have so-far

The #cmakedefine mechanism and the various CHECK_* functions, which
work fine but aren't autogenerated a.l.a autoheader

A 2009 discussion about autoheader-style functionality:

and a still-open item in the tracker from 2008:

Has there been any recent work on this that I missed?  Our project has
quite a slew of these #defines created by autoheader, most of which
are apparently actually needed, so manually maintaining a list is
gonna be a bit of a tough sell.

Cheers, and any help appreciated,


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