[CMake] Does the echo command use the system shell?

Óscar Fuentes ofv at wanadoo.es
Thu Jul 29 00:37:57 EDT 2010

Michael Wild <themiwi at gmail.com> writes:


> Perhaps you need to tell us what it is that you are trying to achieve,
> because I suspect that you are over-thinking things and that there is
> a much simpler solution. E.g. what should buildobj.h contain
> (semantically, not the exact strings), and why is it only known at
> build time?

I "solved" this specific instance with configure_file. It is not as
convenient as the original add_custom_command method but it works.

What really concerns me is the general problem: a CMake command that
acts on a platform-dependent way when the existence of those "-E"
commands are motivated, precisely, for the cross-platform nature of
CMake. Maybe I should file a bug report and see how it fares.

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