[CMake] Debug/Release configurations for codeblocks ?

Carlos carlos at sgzdev.net
Tue Jul 27 06:04:49 EDT 2010

Why cmake coudn't have a more complete generator for codeblocks ? ( I mean,
no only a makefile only based project )
Codeblocks provides the possibility to have a multiple config project with
different target each ( exe or not ), just like MSVC is that right ?

yeah I know... do it yourself.. :p

Well that's the way I wanted my CMakeList.txt, but I still don't know if it
could conflicts with the MSVC generator...

I'll have to download VC++ express :)

2010/7/27 Verweij, Arjen <VerweijA at tass-safe.com>

> Hi,
> >Isn't build_type = Release sufficient?
> Not for the way I'm mistreating cmake ;)
> Also I have to add -nodefaultlib:msvcrt.lib (I want libcmt) and if I add a
> list of libs to exclude (-nodefaultlib:xxx.lib -nodefaultlib:yyy.lib
> -nodefaultlib:zzz) the last one can't have the .lib extension because I get
> it twice. (zzz.lib.lib if you don't omit the extension yourself. Perhaps a
> bug, but I don't have time to investigate right-now.
> Arjen
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