[CMake] Windows library target names

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Thu Jul 22 18:00:27 EDT 2010

> I'm on the other side of that one. I don't know how many _days_ I have
> wasted because I linked my debug version with a release version of something
> else and had the strangest errors and app crashes. After pulling my hair out
> trying to debug something that does not need to be debugged I finally
> remember that I forgot to swap out libraries. It was at that point where I
> wrote all my own CMake builds for each third party library I use and made
> sure each library was decorated with _debug so I knew I was linking against
> the proper library. Have not had a problem since.

I too had a nasty crash on one machine that I wasted days debugging.
This was until I saw that QtCore and QtCored were both being loaded.
After figuring out what was causing this the problem was easily solved
and no crashes since..


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