[CMake] Windows library target names

Olaf van der Spek olafvdspek at gmail.com
Thu Jul 22 17:53:35 EDT 2010

On Thu, Jul 22, 2010 at 11:50 PM, Michael Jackson
<mike.jackson at bluequartz.net> wrote:
>> Of course I have separate projects. I didn't write libz... Did you?
>> DLLs should be *shared*. There shouldn't be a need for me to copy them
>> to my app dir.
> Well,
>   Actually I _did_ put a CMake wrapper on LibZ that _does_ in fact decorate
> the library names. I did the same thing for expat, libTiff and HDF5 because
> I ran into all of these same issues a few years back. I then wrote custom

Wouldn't it have been way easier if that had been done already?

>  The straight up answer is: CMake does not do this. If you want it put it
> into your cmake files.

I don't want to keep reinventing the wheel. Do you?

> If you feel strongly enough then put in a feature
> request at the CMake bug tracker. If you _really_ feel strongly then add a
> patch to the feature request.

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