[CMake] Avoid losing changes in Xcode when changing CMakeLists.txt

David Ojeda david.ojeda at gmail.com
Thu Jul 22 09:57:49 EDT 2010

Hello CMakers!

I am coding with some teammates that use Xcode as their IDE. Everything is
working fine thanks to CMake, except for the following situation:

1. Developer X checkouts a project from svn and uses CMake to generate their
Xcode project
2. Developer X succesfully compiles their executables and configures this
executables in the Xcode environment (for example, he changes its arguments,
library configurations for debugging, etc).
3. Developer Y checkouts the same project from svn and changes
CMakeLists.txt (for example, he adds another library dependency or a new
source file).
4. Developer Y commits its changes
5. Developer X updates its project and must re-generate their Xcode project.
6. PROBLEM: All changes made at step 2 were lost for Developer X.

Have any of you had this problem before? How can I maintain developer X's

Thanks for your ideas!

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