[CMake] Parallel build with ctest 2.8.2

Emmanuel Christophe emmanuel.christophe at gmail.com
Mon Jul 19 23:10:59 EDT 2010

Hi all,

I used to do parallel build for my nightly with ctest by putting
MAKECOMMAND:STRING=/usr/bin/make -i -j8
in my .cmake script.

Since a few month ago, it does not seem to work anymore. This is
clearly visible on my submission to the ITK dashboard:

Displaying the build graph shows that the build time went from 50 to
150 min around April 5-6th. As I'm using a regularly updated Debian
testing, that could be linked to the update to cmake 2.8.1. I'm not
sure if there is a way to check the exact data when a package was
updated for Debian. I'm now using cmake 2.8.2.

Anyway, I also have a cmake 2.6 that I compiled from the source and in
this case, the MAKECOMMAND is taken into account and the build is
parallel, that shows that the issue is with cmake/ctest.

I tried what was suggested in this thread:
but no success.

Has anybody noticed something similar?

I could find another debian build that show a compilation time
increase around april on the ITK dashboad

On the VTK dashboard, at least one debian build shows significant
compilation time increase (x2-3) also in April


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