[CMake] Create NSIS installer with debug and release targets

Bo Thorsen bo at askmonty.org
Sun Jul 18 04:15:17 EDT 2010

Den 15-07-2010 13:48, Martin Santa María skrev:
> I'm trying to create an NSIS installer that contains both release and

I assume this is about NSIS with CPack?

> debug targets. I'm using CMake 2.6 and Visual Studio and the installer
> always contains the Build version I select in Visual Studio.
> Has anyone any idea how to force the install of both release and debug
> targets?

I don't think you can do this with CPack. It can only install a single 
build type. I'd love to see someone fix this, though. It would be great 
to also have, for example, 32 and 64 bit in the same package.

One option you have is to use CPack to build the first version of your 
installer, and built it manually from that point. NSIS can without 
problems do what you want. But you can't keep the NSIS files up to date 
using CPack if you want to build a single installer with both types.

What you could do instead is to build the RelWithDebInfo and ship that. 
You can make a component with the debug files, if necessary.


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