[CMake] cmake 2.8.2 win32: invalid escape sequence when finding fortran compiler

Verweij, Arjen VerweijA at tass-safe.com
Thu Jul 15 12:07:54 EDT 2010

Hi Bill,

>I don't think we ended up with those flags after installing the intel
>compiler for the dashboard we run at Kitware.  Are you sure that came
>from the installer?

Not really. I wasn't around when that system was set up.

I tried from cmd.exe, MKS ksh and cygwin shell to get something with Makefiles on Windows after unsetting the FFLAGS and F90FLAGS, but the only thing I can successfully generate is solution files. With Makefiles is borks somehow (cmake can't generate for me).

Well, I'll go see if --debug-trycompile helps me point in the right direction or if I can find something online or in the book and otherwise start another thread :P


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