[CMake] Quieting/speeding output

Benjamin Eikel cmake at eikel.org
Wed Jul 14 11:59:56 EDT 2010


Am Sonntag, 11. Juli 2010, 17:40:58 schrieb Kevin Fitch:
> I am transitioning from a make based build system to cmake, overall I am
> quite happy with cmake, but currently there are two snags:
> 1) The main project I am doing this on is quite large, it produces about
> 300 targets. So, when I type 'make' I get 300 or so lines of "[ 27%] Built
> target blah..." even when there is nothing (or very little) to do. This is
> quite annoying. I tried messing with CMAKE_RULE_MESSAGES. I just added
> -DCMAKE_RULE_MESSAGES=OFF to the cmake invocation. But that didn't seem to
> help.
> 2) The follow on to this is that a 'do-nothing' build still takes about 4
> seconds (or about 1.25 seconds for "make -j". The previous make based build
> was effectively instantaneous for a 'do-nothing' build. The do-nothing (or
> do very little) build is the common case so I hate to regress that far.
> Where should I be looking to address these issues?
> I suspect (2) is a result of cmake generating a recursive make system (as
> opposed to the current make based system we have that uses recursive
> includes, instead of recursive make calls).

we are suffering from the same problem. When using a CMake-generated Eclipse 
project, a build is started every time you want to run your executable. When 
the build has been completed before, this 'do-nothing' build you mentioned is 
performed. Therefore for every launch you have to wait some seconds (depending 
on the project size and performance of the machine, happens for CMake and 
Eclipse on Linux and Windows) before the executable is really started. We 
would greatly appreciate a speed up of this 'do-nothing' build.

Kind regards,

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