[CMake] CMake bugs #0010611 & #0010040

Knox, Kent Kent.Knox at amd.com
Tue Jul 13 14:39:12 EDT 2010

I'm hoping to bring attention to these two bug reports, as I am currently affected by them.

This bug concerns vs2k10 generated solution and projects, and corrupts the names of my generated binaries that use multiple periods in their names.  To get around this bug, I am using set_target_properties to explicitly change my periods into underscores.  I would like to ship my product in a few months, but am afraid that I'm going to have to ship with my binaries names mangled.  Looking at the bug reports, it appears that the bug submitters have simple suggestions on how to fix the bug (use a different API call).

I am lobbying that hopefully these two bugs could be closed for the next point release.

Thanks for your time,
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