[CMake] incremental build slow because of F90 (cmake_copy_f90_mod)

Verweij, Arjen VerweijA at tass-safe.com
Tue Jul 13 07:26:56 EDT 2010

Sent Brad source code to reproduce the bahaviour. Also discovered that the time is actually spent in make and not cmake_copy_f90_mod or touch; they are fast.


PS Attempting to attach log and source code for completeness here as well

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>Hi Brad,
>>It's not *supposed* to do that.  Can you produce a minimal project
>>that reproduces that behavior?
>This is reassuring. I'm probably not able to reproduce it with something
>small, but I could try. I would imagine that if it's not supposed to do
>it, it likely won't :) Apparently, the project has been set up in a
>peculiar way causing cmake to require touch && cmake_copyf90_mod.
>The current build system has issues with this part of the code as well,
>with incremental builds.
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