[CMake] CMAKE_<LANG>_FLAGS added to link rule

Verweij, Arjen VerweijA at tass-safe.com
Mon Jul 12 12:12:36 EDT 2010


It seems that in our project the contents of CMAKE_<LANG>_FLAGS is added to the link line. This causes problems for some of our platforms. Is there a mechanism to separate language specific compile and link flags out? It would be nice if you could define CMAKE_<LANG>_COMPILER_FLAGS and CMAKE_<LANG>_LINK_FLAGS separately.

I could write a wrapper around add_executable() and add_library() but I would prefer something standard. Looking at cmake-2.8.1/Modules/CMakeFortranInformation.cmake, I can't really find much except that CMAKE_Fortran_LINK_EXECUTABLE is set, but CMAKE_Fortran_FLAGS are not included.


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