[CMake] Building a Version Header

Clark Gaebel cg.wowus.cg at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 22:59:40 EDT 2010

Is there any way I can use the output from a command-line program (in
this case, "git describe --dirty") instead of using FindGit?

On 07/07/10 22:58, John Drescher wrote:
>> 1) I'm using git
> I know. You have some work to do..
> On top of the minor differences in what you want the FindGIt.cmake
> does not have that option to return the version so you need to adapt
> it to get the git version similar to the way the FindSubversion.cmake
> module does for subversion repositories.
>> 2) If it outputs to the build directory, how do I refer to it?
> You can include files from your build folder in your project.
> Just add
> include_directories(${PROJECT_BINARY_DIR})
> in your CMakeLists.txt
> then use the header as you would any other header in your project.
> John


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