[CMake] Bug fix requests for the *next* release of CMake...

Rolf Eike Beer eike at sf-mail.de
Tue Jul 6 01:31:38 EDT 2010

Am Monday 05 July 2010 schrieb David Cole:
> Hi all,
> Now that we have released CMake 2.8.2 last Monday, and we have switched to
> this new workflow using branches in the git repository, *now* would be a
> great time to prioritize bug fixes for the next release of CMake.

Hi everyone,

here is a list of my open bugs:

 8943 NMake Makefiles does not include files with uppercase extensions
    I hope this is rather trivial.

 7925 Time zone is reported in local
    CTest submissions are broken.

 7865 Command line is not XML escaped if test fails
    CTest submissions are broken.

10476 No program output if CTest aborts test with timeout
    No command output in CTest XML.

10477 FindZLIB should work with version numbers
    I believe this one is probably already fixed in 2.8.2, I will retest this
    week and close if so.

10579 CheckStructHasMember should also return the size of the type
    This should be rather trivial, it's basically a question of how to report
    this size.

 7944 MSVC_VERSION is not set for Visual Studio 6
   With patch, absolutely trivial. Just merge.

 7867 "Compiler Name" and "Compiler Version" are always unknown
   Basically a dupe of Seans bug, but not limited to Mac. Mission information
   in CDash.

10743 Add dependencies to OPTION
   Would make configuring projects easier. Shouldn't be too hard.

10733 Allow copying files from Windows shares

10895 Processor detection is very x86-specific
   This handles basically the second half of Seans wish.

 7866 64 Bit platform is not reported correctly on Windows64
   More CTest stuff.

10740 STRING(SUBSTRING) should work with length -1
   This also requests STRING(CHOP) command. With patches. With tests.

From my watchlist:
10752 Detect and warn about conflicting output paths

 3796 Add Project Group command
   With patches. Looks good ;)

10610 VS2010 generator does not handle C++ files with upper case CPP extension
   Should be a dupe of my 8943 above

 09992 Install dir on Win64 always starts with c:/program files (x86)/ 
regardless of architecture of build


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