[CMake] Setting up standard library output directory

Michael Jackson mike.jackson at bluequartz.net
Sat Jul 3 17:34:04 EDT 2010

That cmake variable controls where the compiled library will be placed
during the compilation process not the install process. You will
probably have to use the "install" command to tell cmake that you want
your libraries installed in lib64 instead of lib.

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On Jul 3, 2010, at 9:46, Enno Fennema <e.fennema at tiscali.nl> wrote:

> I am totally new to cmake and struggling.
> cmake-gui tells me at the end of a Configure
> that libraries will be installed to /usr/local/lib rather than
> /usr/local/lib64 where theu should go.
> I have added using cmake-gui first try
> and next try
>    LIBRARY_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY=/usr/local/lib64
> but cmake-gui keeps telling me
>    --   libraries will be installed at: /usr/local/lib
> What do I change where and how to get the desired behaviour?
> Thanks for any help.
> Enno
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