[CMake] 64 bit windows: rsp file not employed in build.make

Verweij, Arjen VerweijA at tass-safe.com
Tue Aug 10 05:29:02 EDT 2010


>The objects1.rsp file is generated by CMake during configuration.  The
>start/end temp file syntax tells NMake to use response files at build

Why is this scheme only used for shared libs and not static libs? For static libs it works automagically somehow.

>The link rule uses objects1.rsp with cl but not icl because cl.cmake

OK. But in cl.cmake these variables are only set after the definition of CMAKE_C_CREATE_STATIC_LIBRARY and CMAKE_CXX_CREATE_STATIC_LIBRARY (i.e. for shared libs), so I didn't think of it.

>These should probably be added to Windows-icl.cmake too.  We already
>in Windows-ifort.cmake.

Indeed for pure Fortran it works. I can happily link 40k files into a single lib. I have added suggested settings locally to my Windows-icl.cmake and I can build a lib from a large number of objects now.

Please find a patch attached. It has the definitions in the top like Windows-ifort.cmake (as opposed to cl.cmake)

NOTE: this does not include the change from /INCREMENTAL:YES to /INCREMENTAL:NO that stops the ICE with Intel C/C++ and Intel Fortran 9.1. I still use that locally, but after reading Bill's comments it seems the wrong way to fix it.

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