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Wed Oct 7 22:37:18 EDT 2009

the CMake solution for CI is CTest + make Continuous + CDash, all run
via cron or Scheduled Tasks with some sort of customized CTest script.
That type of setup works, but maintaining it looks like a pain: I have
to manage crons/Scheduled Tasks on dozens of machines. I have to keep
track of which machine builds which products with some kind of manual
logic. I have to figure out for myself how to schedule a one-off build
as an experiment or for an emergency bugfix.

How do other people handle this situation? Am I overcomplicating things?
Are my needs more complex than what most people do?

Am I missing out on some management tools for CI with CMake?

Do people with more complex build needs use other tools on top of their
CMake builds? For example, many build engineers seem to enjoy Hudson,
especially for Java projects, but it seems like a less natural fit for a
C++ project. I did find these links; anyone using this plugin?

Advice, whimsical anecdotes, or links would be appreciated.


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