[CMake] CMake and Lua

Bill Hoffman bill.hoffman at kitware.com
Thu Feb 28 16:08:41 EST 2008

Brandon Van Every wrote:

> That's contradictory.  You don't bog yourself down with enormous
> support burdens for some teeny weeny percentage of people who do
> something really weird.  Software *is* invalidation of effort.  Stuff
> gets written, stuff gets changed, stuff gets maintained.

I don't think it is an enormous effort to maintain what we already have. 
  I think it is an enormous effort to write a translator.  I think 
translators don't work.  It is one thing to convert a word document from 
one version to another.  It is a totally different thing to translate a 
human written computer language from one to another and have it work.

> I haven't called you a liar.  It is true that I've said you're making
> excuses.  "It could have a bug!  It won't be 100%!  Something could go
> wrong!  Someone could blame us!"  That's the order of the day in

You are missing my point.  I think we should respect the people that 
have picked CMake to build there project, and part of that respect 
includes not obsoleting there hard work.  We are disagreeing on this 
point because of the first point.  You believe that a good enough 
translator is possible.  I do not.  Just suppose I am correct and it is 
not possible to write a good enough translator.  Would you then still 
advocate dropping the cmake language?  I am not coming up with excuses 
here, I really really do believe that the translator idea is nonsense. 
How many times do I need to type it for you to understand that is what I 

> I'm willing to call a spade a spade.  I'm also willing to confront
> people when I have a problem with them.  If that breaks the
> relationship, that does not trouble me.  Better than giving lots of
> free work to someone who isn't really using it. 
You are not willing to accept that I have a different point of view.  A 
good enough translator is not possible.  That is my position.  I am not 
talking about corner cases here.  I am thinking of real world projects 
like KDE/ParaView/SecondLife/VTK.  The thought of translating these 
large projects with a translator is not one I would appreciate being 
driven into by the CMake developers.


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