[CMake] Xcode project generator and Xcode 3.0 (Leopard)

Jens Hannemann j.hannemann at ieee.org
Thu Feb 28 15:21:34 EST 2008


On Feb 28, 2008, at 2:41 PM, Mike Jackson wrote:

> ADD_EXECUTABLE(dining_philosophers
>   ${dining_philosophers_SRCS}
>   ${dining_philosophers_MOC_SRCS}
>   ${dining_philosophers_MOC_HDRS}
> )
> should solve the headers now showing up in the project.

Yep, that did the trick, although I had to separate out the moc from  
the non-moc headers to suppress moc's complaint about no code being  
generated. It is weird, however, that I don't have to do this on  
KDevelop but do have to do this on XCode. Although the addition of the  
headers does not hurt KDevelop, I think we should strive for  
consistency here, if possible. What's the situation on Visual Studio?  
I don't have access to that one, but if the backend generator for  
KDevelop can figure this out automatically, the others should, too.

> Not sure about the other part..

The spurious rule is still there (again, only for the moc header).

Thanks for the quick reply,


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