[CMake] Name of Install target

James Bigler bigler at cs.utah.edu
Thu Feb 14 18:14:59 EST 2008

>> I want to create a custom command or target that is dependent on the
>> install target.  What is the name of the install target.  I tried
>> "install", but that didn't seem to do what I needed:
> This isn't supported currently.
> What do you want to do exactly ?
> Does INSTALL(SCRIPT ) help ?
> Could you add a custom target e.g. my_install which would first do  
> install and
> then do something more ?

I'm trying to use the command line program platypus to generate an  
app that contains my executable, my own libraries, my own files, and  
a set of third party libraries and files.  Platypus (http:// 
www.sveinbjorn.org/platypus) creates an app from a script.  My script  
sets up all sorts of environment variables as well as making sure X  
is running and then starts up my program.  The nice thing about this  
is that all my libraries and thirdparty stuff is in a single App.  No  
need to install all the libraries independently of the executable  
that needs it.

I've set up install targets for all of my own built stuff.  I even  
have a shell script that builds my app, but the script needs to run  
after "make install".  I looked up the INSTALL(SCRIPT ) stuff you  
recommended, but I need this script to run after *all* the install  
targets are run.  I just thought there would be a target that  
corresponds to the "make install" target.

I guess I could make a target that manually runs "make install" and  
then my script.  I just wondered if there was a more elegant solution.


Here is the shell script:



"$PLATYPUS" -a 'SCIRun' -t 'Shell' -o 'None' -u 'SCI Institute' -p '/ 
bin/sh' -V '3.1.0' -s '????' -I 'org.SCI.SCIRun' -i /Users/bigler/ 
cibc/SCIRun/src/main/SCIRun-icon.icns '/Users/bigler/cibc/SCIRun/ 
install/startup.sh' SCIRun.app

echo "Created app directory"

# Now copy the right bits into the script

echo "Copying SCIRun binaries and libraries from $INSTALL_DIR"

# Copy thirdparty
echo "Copying Thirdparty from $SCIRUN_THIRDPARTY_DIR"

mkdir $RESOURCES/thirdparty
for T in SCIRUN_THIRDPARTY_VERSION bin include lib share; do
     cp -Rp $SCIRUN_THIRDPARTY_DIR/$T $RESOURCES/thirdparty;

# Clean out some of the thirdparty cruft
find $RESOURCES/thirdparty -name "*.a" -delete

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