[CMake] Multiple toolchains in one CMakeList?

Hendrik Sattler post at hendrik-sattler.de
Tue Feb 5 11:08:01 EST 2008

Quoting Brandon Van Every <bvanevery at gmail.com>:
> On Feb 5, 2008 10:05 AM, John Spray <john.c.spray at googlemail.com> wrote:
>> If I were invoking a second CMake, would I be able to make the host
>> CMake aware of the second as a dependency?
> Sure.  add_custom_command, add_custom_target.  The subsidiary CMake
> would have to actually output something.  You'd have to know what that
> output is going to be, and how to invoke the build.

Or a new command
which does automate that by forgetting about most cmake settings but targets.
Example: compiling a firmware code with a cross-compiler, then  
converting that binary into a .c file and including that into a  
binary: two compiler chains and one add_custom_command.
It would restrict to using a separate subdirectory for the different  
toolchain (else it is probably not complex enough).


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