[CMake] Visual Studio generator and cross-compilation

Emmanuel Blot eblotml at free.fr
Sun Feb 3 15:15:19 EST 2008

Hi all,

Does cmake (2.5 pre) support generation of build files for Visual  
Studio (2008 if that matters) projects for cross-compiling to a  
different OS/CPU (needs: eCos/ARM).

It seems that when such a generator is selected, CMake simply ignores  
the "force compiler" directives and select CL as the compiler, whereas  
the CMake file project does specify an alternate compiler (arm-elf-gcc  
in my example).

Is there any method to tell CMake to generate the IDE files for use  
with Visual Studio, but to create regular makefiles such as with the  
"Unix Makefiles" target, so that Visual Studio can launch a cross- 
compilation session ?


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