[CMake] FindQt3.cmake bug - does not recognize uic

Anka Kochanowska anka at bic.mni.mcgill.ca
Tue Nov 27 15:28:43 EST 2007

Unfortunately, I do not have any small project using cmake.
I will make some if needed.

>I tried it on Fedora w/ CMake CVS.
>uic -version gives me
>"User Interface Compiler for Qt version 3.3.8"
>What if you change the regex to this?
>IF("${QTVERSION_UIC}" MATCHES ".* 3\\..*")

I tried this,
did not work.

>And did you check that the QT_UIC_EXECUTABLE in your CMakeCache.txt file is 
>indeed a Qt3's uic (now that you mention some are not installed properly)?
Yes, it shows a proper path. On my system, I have only  Qt3 and well 


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