[CMake] cmake support Eclipse

Andy Dingfelder DingfelderA at SirTrack.com
Mon Jul 30 20:12:17 EDT 2007

> What's a non-trivial Java app that's using a CMake build?  Dart2
server perhaps?

I don't know any java apps that are built using cmake if thats what you
Building java apps it typically done using Maven or Ant, and I see no
need to re-invent the wheel and use cmake to do that.
All cmake needs to do to meet my needs is build C++ code, which it does
very well from what I have seen.

>CMake only has to be elegant enough to address the needs of a CDT
>implementor.  Which might be substantial, actually, I don't know.
>Eclipse is a big project.

I do not see what the size of eclipse has to do with how cmake would

The point I was making before is that the implementor who  tries to
integrate cmake into CDT would treat it the same way that the maven
plugin developers treated maven...  They made the plugin use the build
system as is instead of trying to make it fit Eclipse, so that builds
done from within the IDE could also still be done from the command

In the same sense, I do not think cmake should change to meet Eclipse's
needs, therefore the elegance of cmake is not the question. 
If cmake becomes more elegant, so much the better, but it should not be
done to make the CDT better, it should be done for cmake as a whole.

My vision for a cmake plugin would be as an administrative tool that
eases the creation of the CMakeLists.txt file and the running of

Basically, there would be a GUI screen or wizard that would ask
questions such as what OS you want to target, what files to include, and
what toolchain to use, and then you could simply tell eclipse to do a
build and it would use cmake to build all the appropriate targets.  
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