[CMake] Linking and CMakelists.txt

Steve Johns steve.johns at verizon.net
Fri Jun 23 14:22:47 EDT 2006

> The changes are processed by CMake immediately and the project files are 
> regenerated.  However, VS 7.1 does not seem to reliably reload the new 
> project files always.  Try exiting VS and running CMake by hand and then 
> reloading the project in VS after editing a file.


Thanks for that info, and I'll add this that I dug up from an earlier post 
by Sylvain:

> You are not compelled to close and reopen the entire solution.
> In Tools-->Options-->Environment-->Keyboard set a shortcut for this 2 
> commands :
> Project.ReloadProject
> Project.UnloadProject
> I'm used to set "Alt+shift+R" and  "Alt+shift+U"
> Then you click on the project in the solution explorer windows and press 
> your shortcut, it should work.
> I hope it will save you some time.

Now for my own $.02 worth (which was perhaps obvious to most, but which I 
just figured out!):

You can't just 'Reload' a project.
You must first 'Unload' it.
Once unloaded, you can then 'Reload' it.

So, if you've added the keyboard shortcuts as above, the sequence would be:

"Alt+shift+U"        followed by        "Alt+shift+R"

- Steve

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