[CMake] Re: Weird if nesting problem

Ken Martin ken.martin at kitware.com
Tue Dec 12 12:43:58 EST 2006

This has been fixed in cmake CVS now - Ken

> > IF(1)
> > ELSE(1)
> >    FIND_PROGRAM(P_1 p_1)
> >    FIND_PROGRAM(P_2 p_2)
> >    IF(EXISTS ${P_1} AND EXISTS ${P_2} )
> >    ELSE(EXISTS ${P_1} AND EXISTS ${P_2} )
> >    ENDIF(EXISTS ${P_1} AND EXISTS ${P_2} )
> > ENDIF(1)
> So :) This is effectively an implementation bug. I suspect it can be fixed
> reasonably easily and when I get a sec I will try to fix it up. This fails
> because P_1 and P_2 may be empty resulting in IF (EXISTS AND EXISTS) which
> is an error.  In fact for this case they will almost certainly be empty
> because the FIND_PROGRAM calls do not get made. You might think the nested
> IF call would also not get made, but it does :) The implementation is such
> that the tracking of nested ifs involves evaluating their arguments even
> if they are inside a scope that is not being executed. No other commands
> get executed inside such a scope except for IF. And in this case the
> arguments are not valid because P_1 and P_2 have not been found (as we
> didn't execute the FIND_PROGRAM) commands. It should be fixed as it is
> very counter intuitive (and actually computationally slower than it needs
> to be) so feel free to create a bug report and assign it to me if you can.

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