[CMake] Using cmake under windows

Eric Noulard eric.noulard at gmail.com
Mon Aug 28 10:05:14 EDT 2006

My fingers slipped sorry for the last message.

2006/8/28, Yann Renard <yann.renard.mailing-lists at tiscali.fr>:
> Eric, thank you for trying to solve the problem.
> I have tried both command line version of cmake and gui version (cmakesetup)
> Tried with the command line prompt you suggested (I had many target
> choices and chosed 'windows 2000 debug'). It does not work either. I
> guess the included script 'd:\visual studio 8\vc\vcvarsall.bat' does the
> same as you already stated. however, building platform sdk samples works
> correctly.

"building platform sdk samples works correctly."
What does it mean?
Opening pre-prepared project file with VS is OK?

> About target makefile format, I would be happy with nmake makefiles but
> I guess VS8 projects would be easier for users of my work :) Anyway, I
> didn't find a box where to configure such information, I guess both are
> generated by cmake ?

With the GUI version you may chose the 'Generator'
with cmake command line use -G <generator-name>

launch cmake cmd line for a list of supported Generators.

I'm using CMake to generate MS Visual Studio .NET 2003 successfully.
nevertheles the same CMake enabled project failed at generating
nmake Makefiles, thus my initial question.

Lay be you should check what generator you try to use,
even if I doubt you trouble is regarding generator since
cmake seems to fail on SYSTEM Check.


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