[CMake] Crash running CMake on Windows

Arjen Markus arjen.markus at wldelft.nl
Tue Aug 8 02:53:23 EDT 2006


as one of the maintainers of the PLplot package I have been
experimenting with CMake on Windows. I used the pre-built
stable Windows version (downloaded it last week).

When I start CMake and ask it to build the project files
for MSVC++ 6.0, the configuration works fine. When,
however, I want to generate the actual project files,
the program crashes when (apparently) 32% is ready.
One of those message boxes comes up stating that
the MFC application I am using has fouled up.

It does leave a lot of dsp/dsw files in the build
directory, but I can not be sure the collection is

Building the package fails, but that is probably
due to the CMake rules witin PLplot being under

Any advice? What more information do you need?

Kind regards,

Arjen Markus

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