AW: [CMake] Weird DLL_EXPORT disables creation of .lib-files with Visual C++ .NET 2003

Brad King brad.king at
Wed Jun 29 12:12:21 EDT 2005

wedekind wrote:
> Hello Brad,
> thanks for your quick response! I have checked the sources and you are
> right: there are (some) export definitions  that do not fit the cmake
> "target-name_EXPORTS"-pattern for export definitions.
> Changing the source code might be an option, but it is good to know how to
> redefine cmakes export-macro definition... But I have some problems with
> this redefinition, here is an example of the beginnig of a
> CMakeLists.txt-file:
> ...
> In this case JCORE_DLL_EXPORT is my own export-macro definition. Is the
> snippet above correct? This preprocessor definition defined by
> SET_TARGET_PROPERTIES simply does not appear in my generated project
> files... 

Are you sure CMake knows JCore is a shared library?  What code do you 
use to add the library?


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